To replicate InsighTD in your country, you need to contact the organizing committee and be aware of the following points:

  • – Teams that replicate the survey in their countries should be self-organized. This includes inviting industry representatives to participate of the survey at the data collection stage, support the overall data analysis, and prepare country-specific results. When necessary, support the translation of instruments and data;
  • – Each member of InsighTD commits herself or himself to show a high standard of scientific working and integrity regarding data analysis in any InsighTD related publication and / or presentation;
  • – Each member of InsighTD commits herself or himself to actively contribute to the overall initiative. This includes an active contribution to the preparation and collection of data, and to the analysis and publication of data;
  • – Each InsighTD instance will be replicated using the infrastructure provided by the organizing committee. Thus, the committee will have access to all collected information of all replications. However, it will only make use of the data from a specific country after being authorized by the respective team. In these situations, the analysis and dissemination of results will be jointly carried out;
  • – After replicate the survey, each team will have full access to the data of its country. Each InsighTD member is committed to protecting the collected data;
  • – All replication teams can independently analyze and disseminate results from their respective countries;
  • – Each replication team will have control over your country’s data. If a team is interested in data from other replications to perform new analyzes, the organizing committee will request the data from the respective team. In these cases, the involvement of all teams in the analysis and dissemination of results is recommended.


In addition, prior to disseminate any specific data from an InsighTD replication, it is necessary that at least one joint publication be conducted with the organizing committee reporting the main results of the study.