InsighTD is a globally distributed family of industrial surveys on TD. Its goal is to investigate the state of practice and industry trends in the TD area including the status quo, the causes that lead to TD occurrence, the effects of its existence, how these problems manifest themselves in the software development process, and how software development teams react when they are aware of the presence of debt items in their projects.

InsighTD has been planned cooperatively with several TD researchers. It is designed to run as an incremental large scale study based on continuous and independent replications of the questionnaire in different countries. Currently, researchers from 10 countries (visit the Project Team web page) have already joined the initiative.

By replicating the survey, we will incrementally put together data about practical problems of TD considering different development cultures, organization sizes, development methodologies, and so on. Each replication can bring several findings to the area. Further, the combination of data from different locations can shed some light on possible differences or similarities regarding perceptions of TD in specific development cultures.